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Forestry Contracting

With a wealth of experience in large and small forestry operations across private woodlands, estates and for commercial clients such as the National Trust,  you can rest assured you are in experienced hands when working with us. 

We specialise in productive yet low impact methods of forestry and always aim to do what is best for the woodlands and combine that with the needs of our clients.

Timber Harvesting and extraction 

We provide a bespoke and personal service, providing felling, extraction and all associated woodland management services. Our jobs have ranged in size from a single tree right up to full woodland managment and planting through to clear felling. We can also sell the felled timber for clients too, providing a full service without having to use multiple contractors.

For low impact work on small or sensitive sites we use a forwarder for extraction. This allows for greater efficiency by removing larger timber lengths with low ground impact. Forwarding is done when ground conditions are suitable - thereby minimising the requirement for reinstatement and reducing and potential damage to soil structure.

Scrub Removal

Removal of unwanted vegetation and deadwood to improve the aesthetics of the woodland

Grass Management

This can either be the annual cutting of glades and rides to encourage wildlife (such as butterflies) or the regular cutting of footpaths and access tracks for access.


To ensure the continuity of tree cover in the UK it is important to replant trees where they have been removed.


This method can be used to quickly clear areas of scrubland and small trees, reducing them to woodchip and soil ready for re-planting.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange a free, no-obligation site visit!

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