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                              Forestry and Woodland Management


The removal of trees from an area either to sell as a timber crop or to improve the ecological importance. For example creating a glade with a woodland to offer a different habitat, or thinning operations to remove poorer quality trees in a plantation to make way for a better final crop.


Species such as Hazel, Sweet Chestnut and Willow can be cut down to the bottom of the stem on a regular basis to encourage new straight growth that can be used for wood working.

Crown Raising

The pruning off of the lower branches of a tree to a specified height to allow better access along a track or path. Crown Raising can also be done along fence lines so that the branches of the tree don't interfere with the fence.

Scrub Removal

Removal of unwanted vegetation and deadwood to improve the aesthetics of the woodland.

Grass Management

This can either be the annual cutting of glades and rides to encourage wildlife (such as butterflies) or the regular cutting of footpaths and access tracks for access.


To ensure the continuity of tree cover in the UK it is important to replant trees where they have been removed.

Timber Extraction

Using a tractor and forwarding trailer we can extract timber and brash from sites , ready for sale and grading.


This method can be used to quickly clear areas of scrubland and small trees , reducing them to woodchip and soil ready for re-planting.

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