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What We Offer

Arboricultural Services

Crown Reduction 

Crown reduction is the process of removing a percentage of canopy of the tree. We reduce the entire canopy from the top down , leaving you with a natural and even looking tree. This can be for the purpose of gaining more light to the property or to reduce the size of a tree that is becoming a concern.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the safe removal of any the dead wood from the tree, this is to stop the hazard of them falling on to buildings, vehicles or the public etc.

Crown Thinning

Thinning crowns to let in more light by removing some, usually up to 30% of the branches and concentrating on dead or congested shoots is another strategy. It is very easy to spoil the appearance of the tree so this is best attempted in stages evaluating the effect before

removing more.

Crown Lifting 

Lifting the crown by removing lower branches will allow access for mowing, mulching, and enjoying the shade cast by the tree.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is the removal of a tree; this can be done by dismantling the tree piece by piece or felling the tree into open ground in one.

We would normally cut the tree down to almost ground level however sometimes we can leave a section of trunk standing for habitat. This operation is the last resort for the tree as we work on helping trees.

​Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the removal of stumps to about 10 inches below ground level. We have a number of machines available to us meaning we can tackle any stump in any situation.

Site Clearance

Site clearance is the complete removal, including stumps and all waste, of anything from overgrown bramble and scrubs through to the densest of woodland. We have the equipment and skills to carry out any size of land clearance, however large or small the area may be.

Planning Applications

If you live within a conservation area or have a tree on your property which is covered by a tree preservation order and you need to gain consent from the Council’s Tree Officer before any work can commence. 

As part of the services, we check with the local authority for TPO/Conservation areas and submit planning to them as required, at no

extra cost.

All our work carried out by BS: 3998 (2010) by NPTC-certified operatives and complies with HSE and industry best practices.


Our wide client base includes local schools, parish councils, construction companies, large houses, and estates, as well as domestic clients. 

Please call us or message us to arrange a free site visit and a no-obligation quotation.

Why Us?

At Wiltshire Forestry, you will be working with a highly experienced team of arborists. We always take your requirements into consideration and offer free advice to ensure you get the most from us and from your tree once we have left.

We are fully insured and qualified YY so you can feel certain you are in safe hands! 

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